Friday, October 18, 2013


"Geeks & Gangsters" is the hit comedy inspired by the little-known true story of the two Cleveland teenage boys--Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster--who created Superman in the 1930's. Loved by audiences wherever it has been produced, performance rights to "Geeks & Gangsters" are now available to all theatres (professional or amateur),colleges, high school drama clubs and production companies through Leicester Bay Theatricals "Geeks & Gangsters" arrives just in time for Superman's 75th anniversary (in 2013) and the 75th anniversary of the very first issue of "Superman" comic books (in 2014). The show features a variety of roles for teenage and young adult actors--making it a perfect choice for high school drama clubs and college or university theatre departments. Leicester Bay Theatricals offers perusal packages for the play--and makes applying for rights (professional or amateur)or getting royalty quotes online quick and easy. Connect to their website now by clicking HERE. With public interest in superheroes at an all time high, "Geeks & Gangsters" will attract audiences of all ages. A handsome reader's edition of "Geeks & Gangsters"--illustrated with photos from the original 2007 production, and featuring a history of the show--is also available. For information of ordering your copy now, click here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Inspired by the true story of the Cleveland teenagers—Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster—who created Superman, “Geeks & Gangsters” is now available in print for the first time—just in time for Superman’s 75th anniversary! This handsome edition contains the entire play and is illustrated with photos from the original 2007 production of the show. It also includes an introduction by the author—award-winning playwright, Rob. Lauer—and production credits from the show’s original production. Jerry and Joe were typical high school Geeks: the popular kids ignored them, the jocks picked on them and the girls didn’t know they were alive. Brought together by their love of pulp magazines and science fiction (then called scienti-fiction ), they funneled their frustrations as high school outcasts into creating comic characters they dreamed would one day make them famous as comic strip artists. And it was while they were still in high school that they created a character that would become a cultural icon—and the most universally recognized fictional character of the 20th century: Superman! Inspired by the true story of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster—the creators of Superman, award-winning playwright Rob. Lauer has created a comic fable about growing up. The frustration of being an outsider, the excitement of connecting with someone who “gets you,” the thrill of creating something new, and the pain of losing what you’ve created—all of this is brought to life in “Geeks & Gangsters.” "Geek & Gangsters: is now in print just in time for the Man of Steel’s 75th anniversary—illustrated with photos from the original production. To get your own copy, just click the “Buy Now” button below.
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